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That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!

A couple of links: an article, and some tumblrs

TelevIsm: Ableism, Appropriation, and United States of Tara: in which a blogger analyzes the show from a disability-rights perspective.

I think this could be an interesting topic, but I'm not thrilled about the way the blogger approached it. The post is really generic, making broad points that seem to clash with each other, such as (1) Tara and her system are portrayed as going to extremes, which is bad because it makes DID seem strange and unrelatable, and (2) Tara's system is being used as a metaphor for something non-multiples can relate to, which is bad because it's invalidating the uniqueness of DID.

And with sentences like "Why is using DID necessary and integral to the story?" -- are we watching the same show, here? If it was just about Tara, a woman with no missing memories and no dissociative spells who just acted differently in different situations, this would not be the same series. Same if it were just about Alice, or just about T, or just about Chicken. (Not that I wouldn't watch the All About Chicken show. That could be adorable.)

It's possible to be critical about the specific ways in which USoT handles DID. Awesomeastrid's channel on YouTube features the vlogging of a multiple group, several of whom have given plenty of thoughtful feedback about particular scenes, characterization choices, plot twists, and so on. Their criticism never reduces to "clearly the alters are just metaphors, why is Diablo Cody even using them?" It's always "To be a better representation of multiplicity, I wish the show would do such-and-such."

My biggest frustration with the article was the misconception, which continues for several paragraphs, that nobody with DID is involved with the show. I left a comment pointing out the existence of Leah Peterson, which got a reply from the author, but she clearly still hasn't registered that Leah Peterson is in fact multiple. Left a second comment, spelling it out; hopefully this time it'll sink in.

...Wow, that got long. Apparently I was more irritated with this article than I realized.

Anyway! The other reason I wanted to post: there are a bunch of official in-character tumblrs!

Shoshana's behaves as though she thinks she's the "real" Shoshana Schoenbaum, with book reviews and blurbs. Includes a picture of one of the 3D Shoshana's book covers, complete with an author photo; you can see how the alter mimics the look of her 3D counterpart.

Alice's has a lot of recipes. And the occasional advice letter.

Buck's includes a lot of angry Letters To The Editor about handguns and motorcycles, and also one letter to Pammy which is honestly heartbreaking.

T's involves a lot of ranting and YouTube videos.

Gimme's is just a handful of repeating GIFs from her (its?) moments on the show. That's as fitting as anything else, but one wonders how Gimme managed to figure out the Internet enough to post them.

Max's is much more realistic, as random thoughts about his life. ("Another thing I like about Ficus: It’s just a funny word. Say it to yourself sometime. Ficus. See what I mean?") Notably, he talks about the alters, but not as alters, just as people he knows.

Kate's is back to the random thoughts, with some actual emotion evident under layers of snark. (Admittedly, it's clever snark.)

Marshall's is all essays on old movies, with its own strange mix of over-elegant prose and derisiveness. ("I, for one, love Citizen Kane. What ignorant cretin doesn’t? I just pose the question. For extra credit.") Has Marshall's interest in film ever come up in the series?

Neil just posts his AIM chats with Charmaine. That's kind of creepy and stalkerish, honestly.

Charmaine's, finally, is back to the random thoughts. In her case, they're all about weddings. With lovely shiny graphics to go with.
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